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At Home Activity #21. Aluminum foil animal sculpture. Inspired by RIMOSA’s Creative Engineering – Inappropriate Materials program. Squish and shape scraps of aluminum foil into tiny animals. You can use scissors to help you separate pieces (into legs, or ears, for example), but unlike clay, foil won’t stick to itself so plan ahead if you want antlers or long ears or legs or a tail… (these examples are…um… an ape and a bunny. I thought the ape was going to be a dog but I didn’t plan ahead for ears or tail. Shouldn’t have rushed! :-))

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At Home Activity #20. Paper Chromatography. We made pictures for each step below. Gather all the different brands of black markers or felt-tip pens you can find. Cut a piece of paper towel or coffee filter into strips. Using one strip per marker, draw a thick line about 1 inch up from the bottom on the paper towel strip. Don’t forget to label each strip so you know which pen made which mark! Put about 1/4 inch of water in the bottom of a glass. Now put the very bottom of the strip of paper towel into the water (don’t let it touch the pen mark! The water will travel up the paper and eventually hit the pen mark – that’s ok) and tape the paper towel to the side of the glass so it doesn’t fall in. Now just wait about 10 minutes and watch what happens! What happens if you do the same thing with other colors, like brown or purple? Any thoughts or questions? Ideas for how to use this? Let us know in the comments!

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At Home Activity #19. Custom Houses. Using materials you can find around the house, build your model dream home! Is it like a light house? Is it a tree house? Do you have a slide to get from the 2nd floor to the front door? Rhode Island is famous for an unusual type of dwelling that looks like a metal tube – The Quonset Hut!

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At Home Activity #18. Playdoh bridge. Inspired by RIMOSA’s Creative Engineering – Inappropriate Materials program. Anyone can make a bridge with stiff materials like popsicle sticks – but can you make a bridge with playdoh? What challenges does it pose? How do you solve those problems?

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At Home Activity #17. Iridescent thin films, inspired by RIMOSA’s Nanoscale program. Get clear nail polish, a pan with about an inch of water in the bottom, and some stiff paper, Black card stock is best, but business cards or old greeting cards will work too. Drip just one, single drop of nail polish into the water and watch it spread out into an iridescent film. Slide your card under the film (under the water) and gently lift it up so that the iridescent film is caught on your card! Since this is clear nail polish, where did the colors come from? Experiment with different colors of nail polish, swirling colors together and seeing what you can make,

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