At the Museum/Field Trips

Welcome to RIMOSA!  We are an open-ended, hands-on space for process-based learning, filled with interactive exhibits and activities.  We are thrilled that you have considered our space for your trip.

Cost: $10 per student with a $150 minimum.

Time Commitment: Field trips are traditionally 2 hours. If additional time is needed, we are happy to extend your trip for an additional $50 per half hour.

Chaperones: One adult chaperones is required for every 6 students. These adults are admitted free of charge. Groups with fewer than one adult chaperone for every 6 students will be assessed a fee .   

Can We Accommodate Your Group?

  • RIMOSA is fully wheelchair accessible.
  •  Due to RIMOSA's small physical size and the active nature of our exhibits, Field Trips are limited to groups of no more than 50 individuals.  If you have a group over 50, please consider booking two or more field trips so that all can be accommodated safely and easily.
  • As our exhibits and activities are highly tactile and open ended (few instructions as there really is no "right" way to interact with them) we have had great success with individuals with learning differences.

Please note the following when planning a field trip to our space:

  • A typical field trip involves some time of free play with the exhibits and activities in the museum and some time of facilitated activities lead by a RIMOSA Educator.
  • Upon arrival, each field trip group will be greeted at the door and our event coordinator will familiarize all with the space and explain what activities and exhibits participants will be using during their visit.
  • If the group is larger than 15 people, it will be broken into 2 equal sections.  If the group is larger than 25, it will be broken into 3 sections. Each group will be sent to a specific station in RIMOSA to start. They will be directed to rotate at specific times so that everyone will have a chance to experience everything.
  • Station One  is the 1,500 square feet of exhibit floor where students can interact at their own speed with the many hands-on exhibits.  Station Two is our Makers’ Space, where students will take part in a facilitated program or activity.  If the group is large enough, we will add Station Three for a second facilitated program or activity.

To schedule your field trip, please email us at or

We look forward to hosting you and your students soon!