At the Museum/Field Trips

Welcome to RIMOSA!  We are an open-ended, hands-on space for process-based learning filled with interactive exhibits and activities that blend sciences and arts to awaken curiosity, ignite creativity and allow students to explore without boundaries.  We are thrilled that you have considered our space for your trip.

●       We offer several different great field trip programs. These include: Catapults, Rube Goldberg's Marble Rollercoaster, Calder Stabiles, Kites, Thaumatropes and Colored Tops, Constellations, Filtered Light, and Paper Chromatography. 

Please note the following when planning a field trip to our space:

●      For the comfort of all of our guests and to ensure that everyone enjoys their experience with us, field trips are limited to groups of no more than 55 individuals.  If you have a group over 55, please consider booking two or more field trips so that all can be accommodated safely and easily.

●   Upon arrival, each field trip group will be greeted at the door and, if the group is larger than 15 people - it will be broken into 2 equal sections.  If the group is larger than 25, it will be broken into 3 sections.  Our event coordinator will familiarize all with the space and explain what activities and exhibits participants will be using during their visit.

●    Each group will be sent to a station to start, then they will be directed to rotate at specific times so that everyone will have a chance to experience everything.  Station One  is the 1,500 square feet of exhibit floor where students can interact at their own speed with the many hands-on exhibits.  Station Two is our Makers’ Space, where students will take part in a facilitated program or activity.  If the group is large enough, we will add Station Three for a second facilitated program or activity. Our event coordinator will go over all these details and more before our guests begin their trip.

●    We charge $10 for each student. We require one adult chaperones, age 17 or older, for every 6 students. These adults are not charged. Our chaperone requirements are to ensure student safety. Any group which comes with fewer than one adult chaperone for every 6 students will be charged an additional $50.  If a group is 10 or fewer, the per student charge will be waived and a $150 minimum fee will be applied.  Field trips are for a maximum of 2 hours.  If additional hours are needed, each hour will be $50.

●       Field trips can be scheduled Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.   We are located at 763 Westminster Street, Providence, RI.  Parking is available on Westminster Street and surrounding areas.  There is a RIPTA bus stop “Westminster at Providence School Department” which is on the same side of the street about 2 blocks away.


To schedule your field trip, please email us at or

We look forward to hosting you and your students soon!