Creative Engineers

Outreach programs are designed for students in grades 3-12.

Requests for program information or scheduling should be directed to Desiree Brunton at or 401-473-9174.


Examine and work with different materials to make windows from materials that are not transparent, bridges from material that isn’t stiff and other seemingly impossible building challenges! Learn through experimentation about tensile and compressive strength, as well as other characteristics of materials.


How and why do objects fly? Explore aerodynamic forms, wind, friction, drag through the creation of a handmade art kite. Discover how to alter paper to fly, create paper airplanes, and make a sled kite. Design a simple graphic composition for their kites that will be visible from the sky and once complete, watch your art fly!

Wind Vehicles

How can wind energy be harnessed for transportation? Explore axle construction, how sails function, and basic propulsion.  Design and create your own moving land, water, or air vehicles.

Wind and Kinetic Sculptures

Explore how to harness and utilize wind power.  Experiment with different materials to discover what materials capture air the best.  Using kinetic artists as inspiration, design and create a kinetic sculpture that moves in the wind.


Examine different materials and building techniques used by animals and insects and then try your hand at a few – such as recycled paper and woven materials. Weather permitting, we will go outside and each student will build a structure in their designated area using only the materials they can find within arm’s reach. Site specific sculptures will be toured and photographed for posterity – but not brought home.


Examine and work with different materials to make boats from materials that do not float, get inspiration from plankton to make clay balls sink “more slowly”, and other seemingly impossible buoyancy challenges! Learn through experimentation about characteristics of buoyancy, as well as other characteristics of materials.