Maker Space

RIMOSA’s Maker Space was inspired – in part – by Jamie Hyneman’s M5 Industries (Mythbusters) workshop. Here you will find boxes labeled “tape”, “string – stretchy and not”, “foam” and “small tubes”, as well as dominos, marbles, rubber bands, plastic animals, pom poms and more. We encourage creative fiddling here! But if you need a prompt – we encourage marble roller coasters, Rube Goldberg machines, catapults and mobiles. Docents are on hand to give suggestions, and periodically programs (particularly associated with field trips) use this space for facilitated programs.

In partnership with PVD Young Makers, additional high tech Maker Space is open on Thursdays and Fridays. Here are a number of CNC machines as well as coaches to help you navigate them! You can use a laser cutter to etch a pattern on glass or cut out intricate wooden pieces, a vinyl cutter and heat press to make your logo and stick it to a t-shirt, program robots, make a pillow with a sewing machine, use a 3d printer and more!