SIGN UP January 5-11 for free RIMOSA kits and home-based programming!

Here are some instructions we hope will help you sign up for free RIMOSA kits and home-based programming!

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How Do I Register for Enroll RI?


Please contact if you need support logging in.

How Does it Work?

Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) is offering FREE programs from a variety of providers to augment RI school children’s education. Registration for these programs is January 5-11 and the programs start shortly after January 11. Different programs meet at different times and different days.

Signing up for a RIMOSA course through RIDE will enable you to receive RIMOSA’s physical materials kits AND online workshops for kids who have signed up for those kits from RIMOSA Educators. 

RIMOSA is offering 2 DIFFERENT courses. Each of the 2 courses is offered in 3 different sections. One section of each course is offered with Spanish translations, another section is for students who need a little extra help, and the last section (usually labeled “Section 1”) is for students who do not fall into the other 2 categories. Please note that these sections meet on different days and different times from each other.
The course we are offering are

  1. Mid January – early FebruaryArtist/Inventors (these are the same activities which were offered during the summer and for our Foster and Adoptive Families Teamwork/ STEAM work programs)
  2. Early February (right after Artist/Inventors ends) to late FebruarySTEAM Sessions (These are ALL NEW kits, activities and programs!)